Robot Design Proposal


Our robot should be selected because our robot can help the astronaut to do things on the moon such as help the astronaut to take a video or photo.


        Our robot has some special characteristics to do work on the moon such as our robot can travel a faster speed between the time given to capture photo or video. Furthermore, the sensors inserted to the robot has some good use. The ultrasonic sensor is used to detect the things in front of the robot so it will not hit the things in front of the robot. Next, it has a touch sensor which is inserted at the back of the robot so that if the robot hit something, it will go back.


         Our robot should be selected by the judges because our programming can make the robot to achieve many points during the mission. Our robot also can travel a far distance with our programming. It can help the astronaut to do research when the astronaut  is running out of air.



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