About Us 

We are a team from Sekolah Seri Cahaya Primary School. Our team has 5 members. The 5 members are Timothy Lo, Kenneth Ong, Sean Seow, Qin Rou and Yoke Hou. Some of us have two years of experience in Robotics. Our team members are also a part of the Malaysian Open Championship FLL BODY FORWARD 2011 LEGO COMPETITION in Malaysia. We are very interested in Lego Competitions. All of us are very committed and determined to achieve this phase of the competition. 

Team Biography

From left to right: Kenneth Ong, Sean Seow, Qin Rou, Mr. Paul Ong & Mr. Evan Kew .

From left to right: Sean Seow, Kenneth Ong, Qin Rou & Ling Ann.

(Ling Ann is our friend who helped us in our robot design) 

 From left to right: Ling Ann, Qin Rou, Kenneth Ong, Timothy Lo & Sean Seow.






Team Captain- Mr Paul Ong

This is our team captain, Mr. Paul Ong. He helps us with our robot design, programming the robot and plans all the meetings...





 Assistant Team Captain- Mr. Evan Kew

This is our Assistant Team Captain, Mr. Evan Kew. He is our mentor and always motivates us to do better....







 Team Leader- Timothy Lo

This is our team leader, Timothy Lo. He is in charge of the robot design and the programming. He likes to hangout with his friends.





 Assistant Leader- Kenneth Ong

Kenneth Ong is our assistant leader. He assists Timothy to build the robots and also contributes to update the website. He likes to participate in public speaking competitions.



  Member- Qin Rou

This is Qin Rou. She is the youngest among all of us. She is in charge of the website. She updates the website every week. She is also in charge of the STEM Outreach Project. She likes to play the piano.






 Member- Yoke Hou

He helps Sean Seow in programming the robots. He is a humourous person.





 Member- Sean Seow

Sean Seow is in charge in robot programming. He also helps Timothy & Kenneth in the robot design. He likes to play football. He is also Kenneth's best friend.






Best Friends Forever!!!


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