Live Webcast with James from MoonBots on 17 August 2011

On Wednesday (17/08/2011), we had our live webcast through Skype at 6.15 p.m. (Malaysian time) and ended about 6.55 p.m. We had made a poster about the colours of Malaysia and our friend, Tan Shi Jing made a poster of our team name. We even programmed the robot at the very last minute until 6.15 p.m.


The first few hours, we were quite relax. Then, at the end we panic during the live interview with James that day. But, we still enjoy ourselves and had so much fun during the interview session. We really appreciate your time with us, James!


We have got about 70 points on the first round because we could not capture the Heritage Artifacts which is worth 20 points. But sadly, on round 2, the robot failed to collect the Helium 3 at the front side and missed the POEL too. Therefore, we only can collect 40 points for that round.

And round 3 ... ... unfortunately, the robot stalled right after it exited the Lander Dismount. So, we still had only 40 points for that round. The reason why it stalled was due to the NXT software programming. The programming could not be saved properly. And due to that, the whole programming crashed.


For the mission video on that day, please visit at our Video Page entitled "MoonBots Game Challenge 2011".


You can also find our pictures in the following link.








Today is the last day to prepare everything. We still haven't program the robot to go back to the base and now we are trying to program it. If we still can't finish the programming, we need to come early tomorrow ( 17 Aug 2011 ). Sean, our programmer, needs to skip all his lessons to finish the programming. All of us, including one of our friend, Ling Ann, need to sacrifice our time to do the programming. And you know what,we were on cloud nine because we got our own team T-shirts thanks to our school who sponsored them!

-Sean Seow







Hi, again! Yes, it is us the Techno Inventors. We are pleased to inform you that we have already set a date for our STEM Outreach project. it will be held this Friday (5/8/2011) at our own school hall. And after that, we will work on our STEM Outreach demonstration.









Hello eveybody, well, it's been a long time since I last wrote in so, today I would like to tell you guys a story. So sit back and relax.

The Story of the Moon Rover 

Like most teams taking part with the Moonbots competition, we have our own robot (well, I have my own robot due to the lack of time we had to choose only one robot for the competition which we are still trying to do) and strangely it was called the Moon Rover (I thought of it myself). There were many versions of the Moon Rover which I would like to tell you about.

Moon Rover 1.0 - It actually started out as a joke. Timothy (the team leader) had created a remote-controlled robot (not kidding!). At that point we were using the old robot design which eventually failed.

Moon Rover 2.0 - We took the Moon Rover 1.0 and inserted smaller tyres and added the NXT brick to it. During that time the design was sweet and simple.

Moon Rover 3.0 - We changed the long and practically useless old third arm and replaced it with a shorter and more practical new third arm.

Moon Rover 4.0 - This was when we made the Moon Rover more practical and useful. We finally had a light sensor inserted. The old design looked more like a scorpion with its claws sticking out.

Moon Rover 5.0 - We inserted a touch sensor too. This was practically all we did.

Moon Rover 6.0 - We changed the small tyres to the original, larger tyres.

Moon Rover 7.0 - We inserted an ultrasonic sensor on top of the NXT brick. It did not work out so well.

Moon Rover 8.0 - We placed the ultrasonic sensor under the third arm. Still it did not work out that well.

Moon Rover 9.0 - We placed both the light and touch sensor at the back of the robot. We gave up and eventually left the ultrasonic sensor on the top of the robot and guess what? It was moveable (it could slide from left to right).

Moon Rover 10.0 - To show how patriotic we are, we inserted our own Malaysian flag made out of LEGO! (well, it almost looked like our Malaysian flag).

Moon Rover 11.0 - We also created a new third arm after getting inspiration from Sean's robot.

Moon Rover 12.0 - After surviving a huge crash in the LEGO Room, the new Moon Rover 11.0 comprises of not 4 but, 8 tyres for added traction. And guess what? After all the add-ons our robot is still within the size of an A4-sized paper!


 The Moon Rover 12.0!!


Well, today, we assembled the game board together and finished...I had to go back early for ulterior reasons. Kenneth went to the dentist and missed the training. We created another robot design today and did not test it yet. We're planning to test it during schooltime when we are free to do so. We took a lot of photos...(they're below as usual) of us doing our research and building our robot designs..That's all for this week as we have not done much... See you next time! :D


-Qin Rou

 Fixing the game board.....

 Takes time to set it up...

 Get together time....

 In the process of happiness...

FINALLY!!!! finished...


Finally!!!! We have our game board table set up in the new LEGO room!! We started building the elements for the robot game today and finished it. But, there were SO many parts missing!! So, we had to improvise the building of the P.O.E.L (Peak Of Eternal Light) without a base as there were 20 6x12 base parts missing but managed to finish it anyway. We were also a few pieces short and only managed to build 43 craters.There are some photos that we took during our training session thats below this page. That's all for today...Tomorrow we have another training session so I will update it tomorrow..

-Qin Rou


Building and Building......... 

 Still Building....

The LEGO Blocks... 

 Our brand new Game Board!!!

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Today, we are at our new school building LEGO room. We are currently working on the robot design. Sean is currently building the robot. Our team leader, Timothy had to go to Penang for an emergency so, he is not joining us today. The rest of us are finding information for the STEM Outreach Demonstration. We are still very excited and hope to win a prize at the end of Phase 2. We recieved our LEGO Game Board two days ago and felt really happy. That's all for this week. See you next week :) And they are some photos down there too :D

-Qin Rou & Kenneth 

 Our Phase Two Plan .....

 Working on the robot....

Group photo....

And as Sean builds the robot.....Kenneth is there for moral support...


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