MoonBots Game Challenge 2011

Live Webcast: 17 August 2011, Wednesday
Team Name: Techno Inventors
Country: Malaysia

What we achieved in the MoonBots Game Challenge?
1. Our robot started successfully descend the lander dismount onto the lunar surface. (20 points)

2. Our robot was able to find and hold the 2 pieces of Helium 3 at the front side of the field. (30 points)

3. Our robot captured mission video as it was navigating through lunar surface during its mission. (20 points)

We did not achieve the rest of the mission after the robot crossed over the long ridge from the POEL. So, the total points collected is 70 points.




Practice From Landing Base to POEL on 15 August 2011

After the long hours programming in the school, we manage to program our robot to move down from the landing base all the way to POEL successfully. And then, the robot rests on the POEL and play a sound for 5 seconds.


We are just trying to get things right from the beginning but it's not easy to finish the whole mission.  We will keep on trying again.


Robot Mission with a Video Camera on 10 August 2011

We manage to attach a digital camera on the robot so that it can capture video throughout the MoonBots game mission on the playing field.


Well, it is only our first trial of the video being captured on the robot. I think we used too many LEGO beams to place the digital camera on top of the robot and that's why the robot topple down. 


So, we have to keep on trying until it succeed!





Robot Testing and Programming on 7 August 2011

Video shows our robot is able to retrieve two elements of Helium 3 at the front side on the Challenge Field.




Fun Moment with our first Robot Testing on 27 July 2011

Here is the video of our robot testing where it failed to land down proporly from the landing base. Enjoy the funny video! 



Team Progress (16 July ~ 31 July 2011)

Here is our video of team progress over the past few weeks. It took us quite a while to assemble the game board or as we call it the"playing field" of MoonBots before we could design the robot.  


For more information about our robot design, please click on the "Robot Design" page.


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